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Fall & Winter Cooking

The weather has become cool enough that I have switched over to heating the house. With this change, my cooking behavior will also change. The main difference is that I will (mostly) stop using the grill outside and begin using the oven inside. Colder outdoor temperatures inhibit the efficiency of the grill, especially when relying […]

Scrambled Eggs

How Deranged People Make Them: Crack eggs into a mixing bowl. Add milk (!) in case you might change your mind and want to drink them instead. Whisk furiously until uniform. Pour onto a hot griddle. Cook until rubbery. Break into chunks and serve with something else that tastes better. This might be a reasonable […]

Basic Cooking Techniques

It’s weird that I’m in my late forties, consider myself to be a good cook, and yet I’m just now learning basic cooking techniques. Like roasting. For the last few years, our Thanksgiving tradition has been to smoke a boneless turkey breast. This year, I got myself one of the fancy BBQ alarm temperature probes […]

Developing Gluten

I think I am about to throw out (or freecycle) my bread machine that I have had for more than two decades. I’ve decided I need better control over how bread dough is kneaded to develop gluten. When I go on long day hikes, which I often do for trail maintenance, I like to pack […]

Smoked Turkey

On the reading front, I’ve been trying to stick to pulp by known authors, things I know I’ll be able to get through quickly.  I’ve read Field Gray, which wasn’t the best Bernie Gunther novel, but it catches me up to Prague Fatale, the first novel I read in the series.  I also read The […]


The Arnold City Library has removed all of their signs prohibiting firearms.  The signs in the parking lot, which had no legal standing, have been replaced with visually similar signs declaring it a tobacco and smoke free campus (after all, there must be signs prohibiting something).  Given the conservative, gun-friendly electorate of the city, it […]

Like Shooting Hammers at a Bear

There is evidently a release date (November 14) for Oathbringer, the third installment of Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive.  The first two were excellent, even if the world is a remarkably weird one, and I am a little sad that I have to wait a couple years between each book.  It’s still seven months away, but […]