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Is Putin a Dictator?

I have been listening to the Revolutions podcast, lately learning about Mexican history in regard to the Mexican Revolution. I’ve just gotten through a segment about the Porfiriato, a 35 year period of rule by Porfirio Diaz which has been characterized as a de factor dictatorship. When I read about this classification, I immediately thought […]

Learning More About Taiwan

My understanding of Taiwan has been fairly simple. My understanding was that, during China’s communist revolution, those fighting against communism were pushed back so far that they retreated to the island of Taiwan, and they have been at stalemate ever since. China claims Taiwan as part of their territory, and they coerce other nations not […]

No More WWII Films

I think I am ready to add another genre of film to stop watching: World War II films. I am seeing trailers for Tom Hanks’ Greyhound, and while it looks good, my reaction to it is completely ho-hum. That’s because I can’t imagine there being anything about it that I haven’t already seen. I have […]

Still More Things

I have rather suddenly developed an interest in local history.  Most specifically, I’ve decided I want to know all there is to know about Flamm City, a place that was probably never actually any kind of a city, but which has intrigued me for many years.  I’ve discovered a ton of historical resources at the […]