It seems I have become a rice snob, or at least as much as one can be in America. I now keep a supply of Jasmine rice, broken Jasmine rice, and Basmati rice, and I can’t bring myself to mismatch them with the wrong dish. At the moment, I also have some Sona Masoori rice and some Poha, which I may or may not develop a particular taste for.

I have discovered that I can enjoy eating Basmati rice straight, although I have mostly been making it with oil and salt. (Eating nothing but rice is probably not a great idea nutritionally, but I only do it occasionally.) Another of my guilty pleasures is a serving of broken Jasmine rice drizzled with Unagi sauce.

That said, I still mostly cook my rice in ways that would horrify Asian cooks. Sticky, clumpy rice doesn’t bother me (and of course it’s easier to eat with chopsticks).

I also don’t use brown rice as much as I probably should. I serve it with Red Beans and Rice, but that’s not really very often.

I often wonder what would be an appropriate, authentic rice to use with Spanish rice or in Mexican dishes. The only answer I have found so far is long grain white rice, which doesn’t really seem like an answer, especially since Jasmine and Basmati are both long grain white rices, and they are definitely not used.