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TV in Late 2022 and Early 2023

I haven’t updated in a while regarding television I’ve watched (apart from Miami Vice). That’s partly because I’m still in a relative lull for television. I did watch some stuff, and most of it was ho-hum. Let’s start with what was not ho-hum: the twelve episode series “Andor“. This is by far the best Star […]


I saw an ad for UpRide, a site where cyclists can upload bikecam videos of safety failures. The ad contained some dramatic footage. The site may be run by Cycliq, a manufacturer of bikecams. The stated intent is to aid in infrastructure planning and criminal prosecution. Sounds like a good thing, right? The ad was […]


I am currently reading Forever Peace, by Joe Haldeman. It is science-fiction, centered on an interface technology, surgically installed in the brain, that enables users to communicate mentally with machines and with each other. An effect of this technology is that users who “jack in” together are able to know each other fully. There are […]

Miami Vice S1E11: Little Prince

An almost completely serious episode. Just one moment during a stake-out montage where Zito and Switek have a girly poster up, for Gina and Trudy to roll their eyes over. More good (if sparse) acting from Edward James Olmos, who is fitting well into his role. Poor writing, and fairly poor acting from the guest […]

Abandon House of Earth and Blood?

The Goodreads Choice Awards 2022 for Fantasy have been overwhelmingly declared for House of Sky and Breath, by Sarah J. Maas. It is the second in a series, so I thought I should start with the first novel, House of Earth and Blood. I guess it more or less counts as urban fantasy. There is […]

The Search for New Underwear

I have been wearing Fruit of the Loom underwear since I got out of diapers, so nearly five decades. Over the years, I have evolved from white briefs to colored boxer briefs, but it’s always been the same brand. I’ve experimented with silk boxers and bikini briefs, but boxer briefs are where I’m at currently. […]

Photography in Arnold

Is there anything worth photographing in Arnold? There is basically one landmark in Arnold: the water tower. If you haven’t seen it, that’s not as pathetic as it sounds. Arnold’s water tower is huge, of an unusual design, even today. It represents one of the two main reasons why Arnold was incorporated. After it was […]

The Upswing is Taking Hold

I debate with myself about whether “progress” is a real phenomenon or an illusion. As much as our culture may seem to progress, it is at least partly nailed down by human nature, which is genetic and does not change, except at the much slower pace of evolution. The competing forces of cultural progress and […]

TV in Summer 2022

As of today, I have watched (extended highlights of) 20 of the 21 stages of the Tour de France. This is probably more sports than I have ever watched on television, including the year Mark McGwire was doing his home run thing. But hey, I’m kind of serious about cycling now. I will watch the […]