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Incel and Feminism

Ever since the Toronto van attack brought the Incel movement into public awareness, people around me have periodically made statements expressing bafflement at their violence, rationale, and rhetoric.  Indeed, their violence, rationale, and rhetoric — or at least the sensational bits pounced upon by the media — are illogical. However, it has occurred to me that […]


The last few days have been uncomfortable for me after social media has reacted to the motivation of the perpetrator of the Toronto van attack, who is an incel.  The topic is uncomfortable for me because, though I hadn’t previously heard of the incel subculture, I see right away that I identify with some of […]

Equality or Revenge?

If you stand for equality for women, then you are a feminist. If you just want revenge, then you’re not. This simple phrase fell out of my mouth when explaining to someone my views on feminism and what’s giving them a bad name.  “To hear her talk, she doesn’t really want equality for women, she […]

Feminism: Theory vs. Perception

The more I reflect on the apparently duality of feminism, I am beginning to realize my comparison a week ago of feminism and Christianity is quite apt.  It’s not that there are two different kinds of feminism.  It’s simply that that feminism has earned, through the words and actions of feminists, a reputation for being […]

Feminism and Christianity

Feminism is much like Christianity. If you are one, I’m sure it offers a lot to help you feel better about the awful things that happen in the world.  And many nice people are undoubtedly feminists and Christians. However, if you’re not one, and you’re just on the outside looking in, it’s difficult to see […]