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Miami Vice S1E11: Little Prince

An almost completely serious episode. Just one moment during a stake-out montage where Zito and Switek have a girly poster up, for Gina and Trudy to roll their eyes over. More good (if sparse) acting from Edward James Olmos, who is fitting well into his role. Poor writing, and fairly poor acting from the guest […]

Miami Vice S1E9: Glades

I assume all the show’s writers were fired after this episode. It was so bad, my friend Carlos could have written it. It was so bad, they had to fill it in with artistic montage footage, which they did on at least three occasions. It wasn’t supposed to be funny, but the number of stereotypical […]

Miami Vice S1E6: One Eyed Jack

An all-around decent episode. I believe we have reached the point of having worked out all of the kinks in the production of “Miami Vice”. In particular, one of the kinks that has been worked out is the lieutenant that the department reports to. Lt. Castillo is a dignified, quiet-spoken, serious leader, and he is […]

Miami Vice S1E3: Cool Runnin’

This was the first episode that had a significant comedic deviation, mainly in the form of “Noogie”, a character with a ridiculously over-the-top persona. I don’t know if the show was trying to find itself or what. It wasn’t very amusing, and it didn’t really fit the rest of the show. Instead of car chases, […]

Miami Vice S1E2: Heart of Darkness

Another essentially serious episode. However, there seems to be some attempt to make a couple of the regular supporting characters some kind of comedic relief. It isn’t very good. The direction for the supporting characters in general is really bad, which makes the story feel disjointed. Some of the dialog was pretty bad, too. A […]