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Is Superhero Fatigue Hitting Mainstream?

I have written much here that is critical of the superhero genre of film. It is a formula that requires no skill, is empty of meaning, and promotes a delusional way of thinking about the world. However, my biggest complaint is just that there is far too much of it. Evidently, I am not wrong, […]

Marketing Visual Films

I have written many times about my aggravation with film sequels and reboots, and I’m sure I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. Such films are a substitute for good writing and good marketing. I’ve laid the blame on bad marketing before, but how should one market films? Well, you […]

Short Films

Short films are short because they skimp on components that are required in feature-length films, or they cut them out completely. Character Development: This is the most common omission. We often know just enough about the character to be able to tell the story. In a bad short film, we know even less about the […]

Dell XPS 15

I finally bought a new laptop computer. When I say “finally”, I mean that this is the first full-size laptop I have bought for myself personally since 1999. This is the fifth laptop I have owned in thirty years. I suppose that’s because I am more of a desktop kind of guy, and lately I […]

The Lost Boys

I really need to stop watching movies I missed in my youth. They are mostly disappointing. Case in point, The Lost Boys. I was expecting something deep and profound. Instead, it was an R-rated kid movie with Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. On the whole, the direction was nearly adequate. Corey Feldman’s rendition was awful. […]