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Incel and Feminism

Ever since the Toronto van attack brought the Incel movement into public awareness, people around me have periodically made statements expressing bafflement at their violence, rationale, and rhetoric.  Indeed, their violence, rationale, and rhetoric — or at least the sensational bits pounced upon by the media — are illogical. However, it has occurred to me that […]

Being Single on Television

As a single guy in the real world, I am surrounded by couples, married and unmarried.  Among my friends, I can’t name anyone who doesn’t have a significant other.  It’s obviously a factor in why I’m alone. In fiction, it’s never like that. I have long been aware of this problem, the laughable improbability of […]


The last few days have been uncomfortable for me after social media has reacted to the motivation of the perpetrator of the Toronto van attack, who is an incel.  The topic is uncomfortable for me because, though I hadn’t previously heard of the incel subculture, I see right away that I identify with some of […]

Faking It

Every now and then, people talk about pick-up artists and deplore the deceitfulness they perceive.  These are generally people who have heard about the pick-up community and maybe read a little about it.  They don’t really understand it, they don’t really believe it works, and they certainly feel they wouldn’t want the techniques to be […]


WARNING: Women are likely to find the following opinion offensive or at least demeaning.  Your agreement is neither expected nor required.  I make these observations not out of some misogynistic bitterness, but in an effort to better understand the world in which I live. Women are irrational people. I am only attracted to women. Ergo, […]

Geek Shirts

One of the problems with wearing t-shirts that have esoteric computer geek things on them is that periodically airhead girls will come up to you and tell you they like your shirt, and you’ll spend the next five minutes explaining that they have no idea what it means, and whatever they thought was funny about […]