Cheaper Malice

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Incel and Feminism

Ever since the Toronto van attack brought the Incel movement into public awareness, people around me have periodically made statements expressing bafflement at their violence, rationale, and rhetoric.  Indeed, their violence, rationale, and rhetoric — or at least the sensational bits pounced upon by the media — are illogical. However, it has occurred to me that […]

Beatrix Kiddo as a Strong Female Character

I was working with a film crew today, and after the day’s shooting, we were hanging out to eat.  The conversation turned to gender discrimination in Hollywood and the barriers against female leads, and the reaction to recent examples of strong female leads.  I put forward my continued struggle to identify what constitutes, or should […]

Faking It

Every now and then, people talk about pick-up artists and deplore the deceitfulness they perceive.  These are generally people who have heard about the pick-up community and maybe read a little about it.  They don’t really understand it, they don’t really believe it works, and they certainly feel they wouldn’t want the techniques to be […]