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Is the Constitution of the United States a meaningless document? The other day, I was driving down the highway and listening to NPR on the radio.  On it was a discussion about re-integration of criminals after their incarcerations.  The producers of the program were interviewing people, and one of them rather shyly admitted that he […]

Are You Paranoid?

Posted: 15th September 2012 by Cheap in Firearms, Philosophy
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I receive this question frequently when discussing CCW with new people, and it throws me every time.  It comes from so far outside of my everyday thinking that I can’t come up with a spontaneous explanation that bridges the gap.  However, the next time someone asks, I will have this answer ready: No, I’m not […]

.357 Magnum Snubnose

Posted: 20th February 2011 by Cheap in Firearms
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I recently purchased a Smith & Wesson M&P 360 “Chief’s Special”, a very lightweight .357 Magnum snubnose revolver.  The frame is made of a scandium-aluminum alloy, with a stainless steel cylinder and barrel, bringing the total weight to a mere 13.3 ounces.  It has an exposed hammer spur for single- or double-action shooting (the single-action […]