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The Search for New Underwear

I have been wearing Fruit of the Loom underwear since I got out of diapers, so nearly five decades. Over the years, I have evolved from white briefs to colored boxer briefs, but it’s always been the same brand. I’ve experimented with silk boxers and bikini briefs, but boxer briefs are where I’m at currently. […]

Decembery Stuff

Flannel bed sheets are pretty awesome in the winter, but now there are little fuzz balls everywhere. I finally got my car put back together after having replaced the broken engine valve.  I still had to have the catalytic converter replaced, which was damaged by all the unburned fuel that was dumped into it.  However, […]

Screenplay Refinement

I just read what is essentially a scene-by-scene analysis of Star Trek VI.  It was quite interesting to read, because it examines the film in a way that I never have.  This is my favorite Star Trek film, I have watched it many times, and I have long admired it for its economy of story […]