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Are You Paranoid?

Posted: 15th September 2012 by Cheap in Firearms, Philosophy
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I receive this question frequently when discussing CCW with new people, and it throws me every time.  It comes from so far outside of my everyday thinking that I can’t come up with a spontaneous explanation that bridges the gap.  However, the next time someone asks, I will have this answer ready: No, I’m not […]

Compound Bow

Posted: 24th June 2011 by Cheap in Hunting
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I bought a compound bow this week.  This is the first bow I have ever owned and the first bow I’ve shot since I was in the Boy Scouts.  The bow is a Diamond Razor Edge, which is actually a youth bow.  I ended up with a youth bow because it turns out that I […]

DART St. Louis

Posted: 20th April 2011 by Cheap in Photography

Yesterday, a photographer friend of mine forwarded a Facebook event invitation to DART St. Louis, which is basically a community art project, benefiting a local charity.  The event was last night.  Participants literally threw a dart at a map of the city, and that location became their photography assignment.  We have a month to photograph […]