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I’ve been experimenting with grow lights. I have been growing peppers for several years, and each year is an improvement over the way I had done things previously. This year, I decided to start the pepper species that are not capsicum annuum very early, since they seem to need a longer growing season. Then, almost […]


Today I learned that Bananarama and Nirvana ripped off Shocking Blue, not the other way around. I grew up in the 80s, so of course Bananarama’s version of “Venus” is the one I was familiar with. I didn’t know there was another version, and at that time I didn’t even know popular recording artists got […]


In some ways, I have a strong sense for music, and I am fairly clueless in other ways.  For example, there is always music in my head, running in the background, often unnoticed.  I have fairly broad musical tastes.  On the other hand, I usually don’t pay much attention to lyrics, and my memory is […]