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Five years late to the game, I am picking up a Panasonic GH4 for filmmaking.  This is for a specific project, which I needn’t discuss here.  I have just spent some time making sense of the crop factors and the 4K windowed video, and here is what I have figured out. First of all, “crop […]

I have finally found a good lighting solution for my sound stage.  Lithonia Lighting is now selling linkable LED strips.  The 4-foot ones are 3200 lumens.  You buy a power cord for one and linking cords for the rest, and you only need one outlet.  They are silent, compact, and easily mountable.  They have a […]

Premiere Pro CS6 vs. CC 2017

Posted: 29th December 2016 by Cheap in Technology, Videography

Last month, I was forced* to upgrade my Adobe CS6 Production Premium to CC.  I have been fighting with it ever since.  If anyone asks me, it is a downgrade. The most debilitating problem with Premiere Pro CC is that the new playback engine under CC didn’t like my video card.  Playback was extremely choppy, […]

Anyone who tells you that Cat’s Cradle is science-fiction is fucking with you.  Or else they don’t know what science-fiction is.  Yes, it contains a bit of science-fiction as a plot element.  Yes, the science is reasonably sound.  It also contains a made-up religion, but no one categorizes it as a religious text.  It is […]

More Things

Posted: 30th August 2016 by Cheap in Fiction, Videography, Writing

My reading progress this month has been rather poor.  I was stuck on The Raven Boys for three weeks because it took that long to catch my interest.  Every time I tried to read a little, it made me sleepy, which is never a good sign.  The characters developed slowly, and I guess I don’t […]