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Posted: 28th January 2017 by Cheap in Fiction, Firearms, Sewing
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This month, I have finished watching the last of Star Trek: Enterprise, The Newsroom, and Penny Dreadful, as well as the latest season of Sherlock.  In the case of both The Newsroom and Sherlock, the first two seasons were excellent, and then they began to be disappointing.  The later seasons of Sherlock in particular have […]

Smart Watches pt. 1

Posted: 29th December 2016 by Cheap in Hunting, Technology
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Exploring Android development has sparked my interest in smart watches.  I see I have a lot to learn. Until now, I have ignored the smart watch market.  This is mainly because I’ve stopped wearing a watch.  I used to wear one all the time, but I’ve noticed that they have become somewhat unfashionable.  Among the […]

Android Development

Posted: 14th December 2016 by Cheap in Technology
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It was circa 1999 when I bought a Palm V, my first PDA.  I learned how to develop applications for Palm OS, which was done in C.  I wrote a few useful little applications, and I was even paid by a client to develop a simple application.  Later, I acquired a Treo 650, my first […]

For years, I did my photo editing with the GIMP and BreezeBrowser Pro.  About a year ago, I finally made the jump to PhotoShop CS5 because I needed more control over RAW conversion, and I have been very happy with it. I have gradually been getting more serious about video.  Up until recently, I had […]

Bye Bye iPhone, Hello Android

Posted: 5th October 2011 by Cheap in Technology
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As a direct result of Apple’s announcement, I went out and bought an Android phone. Almost three years ago, I bought an iPhone 3G.  It was sort of an impulse buy, in the sense that once I understood its capabilities, I was sold, and I went out and bought one immediately.  Of course, that was […]