Cheaper Malice

An anagram


I saw an ad for UpRide, a site where cyclists can upload bikecam videos of safety failures. The ad contained some dramatic footage. The site may be run by Cycliq, a manufacturer of bikecams. The stated intent is to aid in infrastructure planning and criminal prosecution. Sounds like a good thing, right? The ad was […]

Is Jeffco Blvd Bicycle Friendly? Pt. 3

I just discovered, because it was mentioned on Bike Forums, Strava’s Global Heatmap (sorry if this is a subscription-only service). I have been poking around at it, and I discovered something apropos to my ongoing speculation about the rideability of Jeffco Blvd. The bicycle usage of Jeffco Blvd. is relatively low between Starling Airport Rd. […]

Sony LinkBuds for Cycling?

TL;DR: External sounds can be heard quite clearly. They may be useful for MTB, but definitely not for road biking, because they can’t be heard over wind noise, which they do nothing to reduce. It seems I am perpetually searching for good “true” wireless earbuds. The main reason for this is that the shape of […]

Origin8 Supercell Tires

My Mongoose Dolomite ALX fat bike came with knobby Arisun Big Fatty tires. They are decent enough, and they are probably well suited to loose dirt trails. However, they are fairly noisy on pavement, and I don’t really plan to ride dirt trails that much with my fat bike. Looking around, the fat tire most […]

Wheel Truing

All three of my bicycles are in working order again, and it’s because I bought and used a wheel truing stand to fix the warped wheel on my hybrid bike. This past February, and again in August, I failed to correctly strap my bike into my bike rack, and the rear wheel dropped onto the […]

Trek Émonda SL 5

For years, my only bicycle was a Specialized Sirrus hybrid bike. It is eleven years old, and it has served me well. I recently bought a fat bike, but it’s not a serious bike, and its usefulness to me is limited. Anyway, last weekend I broke my Sirrus again. The parts are on back-order, and […]