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Programming 2023

I finally found some time to make progress in my Programming AWS Lambda book. Lambda’s support for different languages sent me down a rabbit hole of popular languages, and I landed on the TIOBE Index (as of December 2023). I’m a bit surprised about the current popularity rankings. Along with the possibilities of Lambda, it […]


During the 1990s, it seemed like the future lied in Fourth-Generation Programming Languages (4GL). They seemed like the logical progression from traditional programming languages, and they incorporated functionality that programmers like me had grown at home to speed up development (such as declarative user-interface tools). I even went so far as to learn one and […]

Midday Musings

I’ve been experimenting with grow lights. I have been growing peppers for several years, and each year is an improvement over the way I had done things previously. This year, I decided to start the pepper species that are not capsicum annuum very early, since they seem to need a longer growing season. Then, almost […]