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Will a Female President Harm Women’s Rights?

[Disclaimer: This is not, of course, a suggestion that we should try to avoid having a female President. Rather, it is an attempt to see the future.] The election of Barack Obama to the office of President was a huge win for Black Americans. However, it had an unforeseen side effect. The insult to racist […]


I am currently reading Forever Peace, by Joe Haldeman. It is science-fiction, centered on an interface technology, surgically installed in the brain, that enables users to communicate mentally with machines and with each other. An effect of this technology is that users who “jack in” together are able to know each other fully. There are […]

Midday Musings

I’ve been experimenting with grow lights. I have been growing peppers for several years, and each year is an improvement over the way I had done things previously. This year, I decided to start the pepper species that are not capsicum annuum very early, since they seem to need a longer growing season. Then, almost […]