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Is Russia Losing?

When Russia invaded Ukraine, it seemed a foregone conclusion that Russia would have its way. A Goliath pushing around a little nation. However, Ukraine’s resistance has been surprisingly effective, and Russia is revealing the limits of its power. Russia rebounded after the cold war, and it again considered a “super power” in the world. Russia […]

Learning More About Taiwan

My understanding of Taiwan has been fairly simple. My understanding was that, during China’s communist revolution, those fighting against communism were pushed back so far that they retreated to the island of Taiwan, and they have been at stalemate ever since. China claims Taiwan as part of their territory, and they coerce other nations not […]

The Counter to Voter Suppression

Here’s a glimpse into just how cynical I am. Among the new COVID-19* cases coming in, most of which are of the Delta variant, only a small portion involve vaccinated individuals. Additionally, the cases among vaccinated individuals are mostly proving to be mild and not life-threatening. Thus, the COVID-19 deaths we are seeing are somewhere […]

Bump Stocks

The Justice Department, under the direction of the NRA’s boy, President Donald Trump, has moved to reclassify bump stocks as machine guns. I should begin by saying that I do not own any bump stock, and I have never fired a weapon equipped with one.  I think they are a silly toy, and I have […]

North Korea and Our Crazy President

I hate to say it, but perhaps having a rash, unpredictable President is just what the United States needs once in a while — at least where it concerns unshakable foreign policy problems. North Korea and their nuclear aspirations are one such problem.  The actors have settled into comfortable complacency.  Right now, however, the status quo […]

Are Immigration Controls Working?

Two articles posted by NPR twelves hours apart made me think the same thing: Yes, that was the intent. NPR: With Fewer Available H-2B Visas, Employers Struggle to Find Seasonal Workers NPR: Deportation Fears Prompt Immigrants To Cancel Food Stamps Both of these articles were written from a negative point a view, describing harmful consequences […]