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I have acquired a Sound Devices MixPre-10 II, which is a big step up from the Zoom F4 I have been using primarily for nearly three years. This review will largely be written as a comparison between those two devices. [Be warned that many of the features of the MixPre-10 II are not present in […]

Zoom F4 Battery Life

Posted: 6th January 2020 by Cheap in Filmmaking, Technology
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In early 2017, I purchased a Zoom F4 digital recorder. Though I had been recording location sound for film for years, this is the first device I have owned that was designed for filmmaking. Prior to that, I had been using a Roland R-26, which was a step up from my Zoom H4n, which was […]

The “good” titanium plated scissors I was using for cutting fabric were not shaped well for trimming the seam allowance on flat felled seams.  Since I expect to be doing quite a few of those, I looked at the store for a better pair.  I splurged and bought a small pair of knife edge dressmaker’s […]