North Korea and Our Crazy President

I hate to say it, but perhaps having a rash, unpredictable President is just what the United States needs once in a while — at least where it concerns unshakable foreign policy problems.

North Korea and their nuclear aspirations are one such problem.  The actors have settled into comfortable complacency.  Right now, however, the status quo is in danger.  China is expressing concern, and rightly so.  The fears are instability at their border and the potential for a refugee crisis.  It can be assumed that China is so concerned that they are reconsidering the specifics of their relation with North Korea.  And that’s a good thing, because China is North Korea’s last major ally and trading partner, which means China is the one player with real diplomatic influence with North Korea.  Up to now, China has limited the pressure they have applied, but if they see it is in their own best interest to step up their engagement, the result could be some real change.

And love him or hate him, this change in affairs was caused by nothing more than the loose cannon we elected.