Adobe Overload

For years, I did my photo editing with the GIMP and BreezeBrowser Pro.  About a year ago, I finally made the jump to PhotoShop CS5 because I needed more control over RAW conversion, and I have been very happy with it.

I have gradually been getting more serious about video.  Up until recently, I had been using Pinnacle Studio HD Ultimate for editing video.  It is fairly powerful for a consumer making home and event videos, but I found it limiting in a number of ways when I tried to use it for film projects.  Initially, I was more interested in the photographic work than the post-production work, so I was okay with that.  However, I am finding myself taking responsibility for more parts of a film project.  Also, even if I am not responsible for the editing work on a film, it is good for me to understand the process by having experienced it.  So I recently upgraded to the Adobe Production Premium bundle, which includes Premiere, After Effects, and a bunch of other stuff.

I have been crashing through video courses (a subscription to is well worth the money) and getting up to speed with some of the products.  I have been doing well with Premiere, and I am quite happy with it.  It has a ton of capabilities that I will be able to make use of.  I can’t wait to dig into After Effects.

One of the products included in Production Premium is Flash.  Even though I have been involved in web development and internet applications for a very long time, I never got into Flash, mainly because I couldn’t justify the cost.  But now I own it.  So I’ve gone on a bit of a tangent and have been learning Flash.  Flash is neat, but the synergy between Flash and other things is really blowing my mind.  I can develop iPhone and Android apps in it, and I already have one in mind.  I can import Flash into Premiere to create video or for compositing.  Allegedly, I can use Flash with Encore for creating DVD menus.

So, suddenly I have all these new software products and capabilities at my disposal, and my brain is becoming overloaded with the possibilities.