Photo Shoot

I did a photo shoot recently, something I haven’t done for a long time.  A friend of mine has a vacant house with a very dated interior, including a bedroom with old floral-print wallpaper.  When I saw it, I told him I just had to do a photo shoot in there, and my friend agreed to let me use the place.  I dug through my idea file and I hired a model to come do artistic nudes for a few different concepts.

The shoot went well, and the photos look great.  I still struggle with a tendency to shoot in a glamour style rather than a more artistic style.  The main point there is that I tend to frame the shot around the model, which makes the photo about the model.  I need to work more on framing around the place, which makes the photo more of a story or an event, capturing something that is happening.  I suppose I’ll get there.