Lower Meramec Park

Yesterday, I tried out the bike trail at Lower Meramec Park, a Saint Louis County park.  It is a two-mile stretch of flat, paved trail with parking at each end, accessed from Meramec Bottom Road.  It is not far from my house.  Even though it was a gorgeous day in early Spring, the trail wasn’t too terribly crowded.  Still, making three passes back and forth (twelve miles total), there were several times I had to slow down or nearly stop.  I guess that’s a little crowded, but nowhere near as bad as Creve Coeur Park was a couple weeks ago.  Perhaps it will be better in the early morning.  I will have to get up early some weekday morning for a quick ride.

Google Maps does not indicate that this is a park.  According to Google Maps, the trail is Krumm Road and Edgewood Beach Road.