Well, I did something yesterday that I had never done before: modeling.  And not just any modeling, but nude modeling.

I met Miss Algernon through a friend, and I quickly learned that she is stepping forward into photographic art.  I have tried to be supportive of her endeavor in various ways, and one of the things she needed was people to model for her.  I was glad to oblige.

The experience was interesting.  As a photographer, I have directed models for nearly ten years.  Consequently, I know well what is required of a model and what to expect when working for a photographer.  However, beyond confirming what I knew, it was also educational.  For example, I felt like I could have contributed so much more than I was asked.  All in all, I must admit that I definitely enjoyed the experience.  If I had the physique to model on a regular basis, I suppose that I would.

The photos appeared to turn out well, and the photographer seems to be happy with them.  It will be interesting to converse with her to see where she goes from here.