Naughti Gras

I just realized that I’m enjoying telling people what I’m doing this weekend, simply because my weekend plans are exceptionally awesome.

Tonight, I will be going to Naughti Gras.  It is an erotic art show, with some performance art.  At least three of my friends have pieces in the show.  I am going primarily to support Miss Algernon, a new friend of mine who is just starting her endeavors as a photographic artist (you’ll be hearing more about her, as we are planning to do some work together).  Another of my friends has a belly dancing and sword balancing act, and I think yet another friend will be doing burlesque.  I always get inspired when I look at art by others, and I could really use the inspiration right now (between the winter weather and everything else going on, I haven’t been pursuing any photography for a while).  On top of all that, some folks from a meetup group are planning to be there.  I’m really looking forward to all the social connections.

Saturday night, a good friend of mine is having a toga party at her house for her birthday.  That will certainly be a good time 🙂

Sunday should be warmer but raining.  Despite the rain, I’m thinking about going to explore another conservation area, probably Pacific Palisades.