Miami Vice S1E4: Calderone’s Return: Part 1 – The Hit List

The writing, directing, and acting are getting better. A natural bit of comedic relief, but otherwise a fully serious episode. This one revives the Calderone character from the pilot, and it also leans heavily into Crockett’s divorce situation.

Gregory Sierra’s character got killed off in this episode. His was the worst acting, not to mention the worst hair. Maybe this will be a turning point for the show.

Overall, the camera work was pretty solid, but not particularly artistic. There was a scrim shadow in one of the shots, though. The dirty lens in the title sequence still bugs me every time I see it.

Lots of car chases and lots of shooting. What looked like a Franchi SPAS, and something toward the end that was supposed to be a suppressed sub-machine gun.

Saundra Santiogo sure was a good looking woman.