Miami Vice S1E6: One Eyed Jack

An all-around decent episode. I believe we have reached the point of having worked out all of the kinks in the production of “Miami Vice”. In particular, one of the kinks that has been worked out is the lieutenant that the department reports to. Lt. Castillo is a dignified, quiet-spoken, serious leader, and he is basically the polar opposite of the loud-mouthed Lt. Rodriguez he replaces. Earlier episodes have revealed the danger of upstaging the cool stars Crockett and Tubbs. Castillo is played by Edward James Olmos, who is much skinnier in the 80s than during his later “Battle Star Galactica” days, but carries a similar demeanor.

I didn’t notice any special cinematography, but I also didn’t notice any inconsistent, disjointed cinematography, either. Hopefully this will be a sign of solid photography to come, with more cinematic visuals to be brought back now that the basics are under control.

Also under control is the balance of humor and serious drama. The cast of regular characters can demonstrate that they have a healthy sense of humor without trying to be some kind of comic relief.

Appearances were put in my Dennis Farina and Dan Hedaya, as well as actor Joe Dallesandro, who looks far too much like pornstar Evan Stone.