Faking It

Every now and then, people talk about pick-up artists and deplore the deceitfulness they perceive.  These are generally people who have heard about the pick-up community and maybe read a little about it.  They don’t really understand it, they don’t really believe it works, and they certainly feel they wouldn’t want the techniques to be used on them.  They feel it is a disingenuous way to make a girl attracted to a guy, and they find the whole idea offensive.  I have only one thing to say about this:

Now you know how guys feel about your makeup, your fake hair, and your fake boobs.

(Actually, I have a second thing to say about it, which is that you don’t know what you’re talking about.  Pick-up is not a bunch of lines and gimmicks to manipulate women.  It is a frank recognition of what women are and are not attracted to, followed by a whole lot of helpful information about how guys can truly improve themselves in the areas that matter.  Sure, many people have tried to use pick-up as an easy “method” to bed women, and for a while it was mostly taught and sold this way.  However, that was an embarrassing period in history, and the pick-up community has grown far beyond this to much more genuine things.)