Learning More About Taiwan

My understanding of Taiwan has been fairly simple. My understanding was that, during China’s communist revolution, those fighting against communism were pushed back so far that they retreated to the island of Taiwan, and they have been at stalemate ever since. China claims Taiwan as part of their territory, and they coerce other nations not recognize Taiwan as an independent state. People in Taiwan identify as Chinese, but consider themselves outside of China’s sovereignty.

Recently, there was a shooting incident* at a Taiwanese church in California. The investigators are reporting the motive as being motivated by hatred of Taiwanese people. The confusing part is that the shooter is himself Taiwanese. He was born and raised in Taiwan, and is now a U.S. citizen.

(* With only one dead, this incident does not meet the Justice Department’s definition of a mass public shooting.)

One article I read yesterday stated that he was upset by his parents’ “forced” migration to Taiwan. This is something I hadn’t been aware of. Did it actually happen?

I’ve been reading a little about it, and I need to dig deeper into the Chinese Civil War. I still haven’t found reference to forced migrations.