Is Jeffco Blvd Bicycle Friendly? Pt. 3

I just discovered, because it was mentioned on Bike Forums, Strava’s Global Heatmap (sorry if this is a subscription-only service). I have been poking around at it, and I discovered something apropos to my ongoing speculation about the rideability of Jeffco Blvd.

The bicycle usage of Jeffco Blvd. is relatively low between Starling Airport Rd. and Telegraph Rd. Indeed, utilization of Starling Airport Road, Arnold Tenbrook Road, and Telegraph Road are much higher than Jeffco, and it is clear that these three roads are being used to bypass Jeffco Blvd. through Arnold.

This is clear evidence that I’m not the only one who considers Jeffco to be inadequate for cycling.

Telegraph Road is popular, which makes sense, since it has dedicated lanes for several miles. The popular route continues south on US-61/67. Seckman Rd, Old Antonia Rd, and Old Lemay Ferry Rd. are all surprisingly popular. There’s a popular route around Herculaneum. There’s a popular little road south of Crystal City called VFW Rd. and River Hills Rd.

US-67 south of I-55 is virtually unridden, which surprises me a little. US-61 south of Crystal City is quite popular, especially in parts, as is a road called Plattin Rd. Route CC is quite popular. I’m going to have to try these out.

Sorry, I got distracted.

It seems that Church Road gets more traffic than most of Jeffco, and one of the most heavily ridden parts of Jeffco is the bit that connects between Arnold Tenbrook and Church, which is then used to reach Old Lemay Ferry. Old Lemay Ferry leads to Seckman and Lions Den Road, which are white hot.

In news unrelated to the Strava Global Heatmap, my new gravel bike, with its fairly low tire pressure and reasonably aggressive geometry, is relatively nice to ride in the gutter on Jeffco. I think I am going to go out and pick up trash along the route between my subdivision and Arnold City Park, or at least Starling Airport Road.