Photography in Arnold

Is there anything worth photographing in Arnold?

There is basically one landmark in Arnold: the water tower. If you haven’t seen it, that’s not as pathetic as it sounds. Arnold’s water tower is huge, of an unusual design, even today. It represents one of the two main reasons why Arnold was incorporated. After it was built, there were coin banks modeled after it.

However, it doesn’t offer much opportunity for artistic expression.

The city hall and police station, the library and rec center … they’re just buildings. Nice, but not beautiful or really even very interesting.

Everything else is just sprawl, in an unplanned and somewhat trashy sort of way.

Housing … well, there might be something there. There are quite a few trailer parks in Arnold, and much of the housing is small and trashy. Tiny houses surrounded by ugly chain link fences. However, I’m not sure what to make of such a photography subject. Or even if I want to.

There are a few parks. However, I’m not sure there is anything in them that is worth photographing. Then again, I haven’t roamed them with a camera for the purpose of finding out. Well, one of them I did, and nothing interesting came of it.

Are there any out-of-way photographic subjects? Perhaps I should make an effort to explore the entire city. Every road. I’ve been thinking it might make a good biking goal. I could keep an eye out for anything worth photographing. If I find anything, I could mark its location and return with a camera.