TV in Summer 2022

As of today, I have watched (extended highlights of) 20 of the 21 stages of the Tour de France. This is probably more sports than I have ever watched on television, including the year Mark McGwire was doing his home run thing. But hey, I’m kind of serious about cycling now. I will watch the final stage tomorrow. Also tomorrow is the first day of the Tour de France Femmes, which I definitely intend to watch.

The truly amazing thing this summer has been the final season of “Better Call Saul“. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s probably the best television I’ve ever watched. The mid-season cliffhanger, “Plan and Execution”, was excellent writing. The episode I just watched, “Fun and Games”, was loaded with absolutely stunning acting, mainly by Bob Odenkirk and especially Rhea Seahorn.

While subscribed to AMC+, I watched “Dark Winds“. It was decent. Zahn McClarnon delivered his usually solid performance, this time as a lead. Now I have my eye on Jessica Matten, too.

Earlier this year, I watched “Outer Range“, and it was better than I expected. Definitely weirder than I expected. Not quite David Lynch weird, but definitely weird.

Today, I finally relented and subscribed to both Paramount+ and Disney+ to catch up on all of the Star Trek/Wars I have been waiting around for. Between the two of them, that is seven different shows that I have either not watched or have not seen the latest seasons.

Oh, and Paramount+ comes with MTV, so I’ll be able to pick up wherever I left off watching “Daria”.