The Counter to Voter Suppression

Here’s a glimpse into just how cynical I am.

Among the new COVID-19* cases coming in, most of which are of the Delta variant, only a small portion involve vaccinated individuals. Additionally, the cases among vaccinated individuals are mostly proving to be mild and not life-threatening. Thus, the COVID-19 deaths we are seeing are somewhere between 95% and 100% unvaccinated individuals.

(* Please don’t use me as a source of data for the COVID-19 pandemic. This isn’t really a post about COVID-19. I can’t be bothered to cite my sources. Go do your own research.)

At this point, the adults who are unvaccinated are almost entirely people who have chosen to remain unvaccinated because of nonsense they believe. There is a strong correlation between anti-vax beliefs and Republicanism.

The AP is reporting that the US will likely have 100,000 more COVID deaths in the next few months.

Out of those, it stands to reason that about 95,000 of those will be Republicans.

Dead Republicans cast no votes. (Except in the case of voter fraud, of course.)

Is ridding ourselves of 95,000 Republicans worth the death of 5,000 Democrats?

I wonder how many Democratic voters will be unable to vote due to the new voter suppression measures that have been put in place by Republicans all across the nation. I wonder if it is more or less than 95,000.