The Lost Boys

I really need to stop watching movies I missed in my youth. They are mostly disappointing.

Case in point, The Lost Boys. I was expecting something deep and profound. Instead, it was an R-rated kid movie with Corey Feldman and Corey Haim.

On the whole, the direction was nearly adequate. Corey Feldman’s rendition was awful. Kiefer Sutherland’s performance shined above the rest, and I expect he could have been great if the material hadn’t been so limiting.

This has me doubting my plans to watch Interview with the Vampire.

It occurs to me that one could gain a lot of inspiration about a writing topic simply by watching or re-watching a bunch of films related to the topic. I’m not sure I’m particularly into vampires, but if I wanted to write about vampires, there are a ton of iconic films on the topic.

Vampires do have quite a bit of room for depth. Immortality is a complicated topic, with sorrow and lessons to be learned about taking pleasure in life. How does a vampire feel about taking lives? A vampire is separate and isolated from mortal humans, something with which any reader who feels socially isolated can identify.

Many vampire films focus on the gothic fashion. I gather that most vampire books focus on the sexual parallels. I suppose you can’t have an authentic vampire story without covering those aspects, but they don’t particularly interest me, and they have both been thoroughly covered.