The Ozarks

[This is not about the Netflix series.]

All my life, I have lived in the St. Louis area, which is at the northeast corner of the Ozark Plateau.  A great deal of my outdoor life takes place in the Ozarks.  The Mark Twain National Forest is scattered throughout the Missouri Ozarks.  My favorite nearby hiking trails are all in the Arcadia Valley area and the St. Francois Mountains.  When I was young, my family often camped at places like Big Spring, Alley Spring, the Current River, and the Silver Mines because they were nearby.

The bounds of the Ozark Plateau can be easily identified by the terrain.  Geologically, the plateau is an uplift dome, eroded by myriad ravines and hollows into steep hills.  Just for kicks, I clicked on the Terrain view of Google Maps to look at the Ozarks.  This revealed that the most rugged terrain is located in Arkansas, in the areas of the Ozark National Forest and the Ouachita National Forest.

I have never been to either of these places.  I am thinking I may have to plan a trip there, perhaps next spring.