My October

  • While casting about for other television series to watch, I’ve been reminded that I own both seasons of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but I have only watched the first.  It has been a while, so I should probably re-watch the last couple of episodes of the first season before starting the second season.  Also, this is possibly Lena Headey’s sexiest role, and looking at her in a tank top will be good for me.  Not to mention Summer Glau.
  • I have finished The Stone Sky, by N. K. Jemisin, which was of course quite good, with a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.  This is just in time to start Provenance, by Ann Leckie, a new novel set in the same universe as her Imperial Radch trilogy.  It won’t be long before Oathbringer is released, and then early next year Emergence will be released.  That’s a bunch of new releases among my favorite authors.
  • I’ve planted a tree, theoretically to replace the Bradford Pear that fell last year.  It is a Ginko biloba, and it is quite small.  Unfortunately, it is a slow-growing tree, and I won’t enjoy any shade benefits from this tree unless I end up living here for a decade or two.  Nevertheless, it will be nice to have a tree in the yard instead of a barren field.  I’ve been watering and caring for it properly, and so far it doesn’t seem dead.  It will lose its leaves soon, and I will just have to hope through the winter.
  • I’ve managed to get some grass growing in some places where it is needed.  In the inside corner of the house where it is shaded by the Japanese Maple, and in the northern corner of the property where it is shaded by everything.  In both cases, I’ve used my favorite shade grass, creeping red fescue.  If I can keep it watered, maybe it won’t die next year.
  • All Systems Red by Martha Wells was pretty good, though disappointingly short.  This is the first in a series, and I expect that I will continue to the next one.
  • I also read Provenance by Ann Leckie as soon as it came out.  It was good, and it takes place in her Imperial Radch universe, however it was not quite as amazing as her Ancillary Justice series.
  • A Little Yellow Dog by Walter Mosley was also good, though maybe not as gripping on matters of race as the other novels in this series.
  • I am finally building out my Encore pistol.  I’ve had the custom .405 Winchester barrel for two and a half years, but I only just now bought the frame.  Both are in stainless steel.  I have a Leupold FX-II 4x28mm handgun scope on order.  I plan to order a custom grip and forend from Tony Gettel.  After that will be load development and practice.  I haven’t fired it yet, and I’m a little concerned about the recoil.  It also remains to be seen what kind of accuracy I can achieve from a pistol, which will ultimately determine the range at which I can hunt with it.
  • I may not get to go deer hunting in Missouri this year, due to conflicts with poorly planned activities at work.  I’m not happy about it, but I am resigned to it.  A cut-over has been rescheduled to occur on opening weekend.  I wasn’t planning to go hunting opening weekend, because I hunt on public land, but I don’t feel good about being unavailable Monday morning.  I can probably shift my hunting plan by a couple of days, but if something else happens (the probability of which seems high), they will probably want to take the other weekend as well, in which case I probably just won’t go at all.