Was Judge Aaron Persky Bribed?

It has been my experience that when intelligent people make seemingly stupid decisions, it is because they are following an agenda that is in conflict with reason.

The case of Brock Turner raping an unconscious girl should have been a simple case with a simple verdict.  Yet somehow, the judge seems confused.  Confused about the purpose of criminal sentencing, about the role of the perpetrator’s merit, and about the penalties that fit the crime.  In short, the judge has handed down a decision that seems clearly stupid.

Which leads me to wonder why.  He is an experienced, sitting judge, so presumably he is neither confused nor stupid.  Has he made this decision for an ulterior reason?  Has he given us a nonsensical explanation for his verdict because he can’t explain the real reason?  Could that reason be that he was paid off?

There is a currently a petition being circulated to recall the judge.  Perhaps a more appropriate course of action would be to investigate this judge for evidence of corruption.