WARNING: Women are likely to find the following opinion offensive or at least demeaning.  Your agreement is neither expected nor required.  I make these observations not out of some misogynistic bitterness, but in an effort to better understand the world in which I live.

Women are irrational people.
I am only attracted to women.
Ergo, I am only attracted to irrational people.

This is actually a somewhat unsettling realization.

I am a very rational person, and as a single male, my life follows a pattern that is logical and well-ordered.  I feel a great deal of comfort in the knowledge that nearly everything that happens in my life has a clearly understood cause and effect.  Without the involvement of a woman, my life is stable, predictable, and invites a minimum amount of pain.

That is not to say that my life is not lacking.  I am lonely.

I am actively searching for a woman to add to my life.  Somehow, somewhere along the line, I got it into my head that I could find a woman who would fit well with my ordered, comfortable life.  Sure, I have expected that along the way there would be bumps and detours, dramas caused by women passing through my life who are on the more irrational end of the spectrum, but I figured I would eventually find someone who doesn’t mess up my life.

However, the more I learn about women and what makes them tick, and the more women I get to know, the more I realize that is a pipe dream.  There just aren’t women out there who are rational enough to do that.  I have been alone too long, and my lifestyle has evolved too far away from the random, emotional, hormonal way that women live.

Are women, in fact, irrational?  Basically, yes.  Women do possess the ability to use logic, to think critically, and to make decisions intellectually.  However, women have a far greater capacity for emotion, and their preference is to let their emotions guide their behavior.  Women will often stop to consider things intellectually, and occasionally they will let their intellect overrule their emotional motivations.  However, in situations that seem outside the realm of logic (such as relationships), this almost never happens.

What does this mean to me?  It means that I must prepare to have my calm, peaceful lifestyle invaded and overturned by a woman, or by a long string of women, who will most assuredly look at my life differently than I will.  But can there be a boundary?  A limit to how deep a woman can intrude?  Perhaps there should be, at first.  Indeed, a woman likes to seek out the boundaries in a relationship with a man, and she will feel uncomfortable until she finds them.  No woman will want to be walled off permanently, but a woman I have just met should not feel entitled to trample all over my comfort zone.

What should those limits be?

Update: I should quantify the things that make my life comfortable, and those should be the limits.  Furthermore, if I ever feel that my life is being disrupted, I should consider whether that constitutes another boundary I hadn’t previously identified.