Yesterday’s Hope

Yesterday was a momentous day (and I’m not talking about the royal wedding).

Yesterday, my sister gave birth to my newest niece.  I have already been daydreaming about what my role may be for my nieces and nephew when I am finally able to move out that way.  The question is, when will that happen?  There are several things that need to happen before I can go, and with the economy the way it is, they aren’t happening.  I fear that I will miss the best parts of their lives.

Yesterday, two friends of mine became husband and wife.  I don’t usually have a very positive view of marriage, because so many of them (including my own) end in failure.  However, I also know that a precious few become beautiful success stories.  The wedding I witnessed yesterday is refreshing to me, because if any couple has a chance to make it work, it is these two.  They are still young and have a great amount to learn, but their heads are in the right place.  They married for the right reasons, they have the right priorities, and I believe they will take the right approach to make their marriage a success.  Seeing them together keeps me from giving up hope on marriage altogether.  I wish them a long and loving journey together, and I will do my best to support them in the years to come.