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Book Trailers

Posted: 31st October 2017 by Cheap in Fiction, Filmmaking

Book trailers are short videos intended to market a novel in much the same way that movie trailers market a film. They seem to have been a short-lived fad, but the idea still intrigues me. I find myself wondering what makes a good book trailer.  I’ve watched several, and they vary widely.  (One of my […]

I have finally found a good lighting solution for my sound stage.  Lithonia Lighting is now selling linkable LED strips.  The 4-foot ones are 3200 lumens.  You buy a power cord for one and linking cords for the rest, and you only need one outlet.  They are silent, compact, and easily mountable.  They have a […]

The “good” titanium plated scissors I was using for cutting fabric were not shaped well for trimming the seam allowance on flat felled seams.  Since I expect to be doing quite a few of those, I looked at the store for a better pair.  I splurged and bought a small pair of knife edge dressmaker’s […]

I was working with a film crew today, and after the day’s shooting, we were hanging out to eat.  The conversation turned to gender discrimination in Hollywood and the barriers against female leads, and the reaction to recent examples of strong female leads.  I put forward my continued struggle to identify what constitutes, or should […]

Casting Imagination

Posted: 23rd August 2013 by Cheap in Filmmaking

Allow me to present the formula for creating a bad-ass film superhero (or super-villain).  Step 1: Design a bad-ass costume, one that seems faintly suited to combat, one that tightly fits and augments the figure, and has a few high-tech gizmos.  Add boots.  Add a minimal mask that hides or obscures the area around the […]

Creative Editing

Posted: 4th June 2012 by Cheap in Filmmaking

I watched a good film the other day, Michael Clayton with George Clooney.  Afterward, I was thinking about why the events of the story were presented in the order that they were.  One reason is that it set the stakes of the conflict early.  However, the more interesting reason is that it solved a storytelling […]

For years, I did my photo editing with the GIMP and BreezeBrowser Pro.  About a year ago, I finally made the jump to PhotoShop CS5 because I needed more control over RAW conversion, and I have been very happy with it. I have gradually been getting more serious about video.  Up until recently, I had […]

I am sitting here listening to the soundtrack from Tron Legacy, which was composed by Daft Punk.  If you have watched the film, you know the music is understated, yet powerful.  Also if you have watched the film, you know that it is brilliantly beautiful. Tron Legacy has all the aesthetic qualities a film could […]